Announcing Frank for Mac

I’m happy to announce that the Frank testing framework now supports testing Mac applications. I’ve been working to add support for Mac apps in my spare time for months, and I’m excited to share my work with the development community.

Mac support will ship with the next full release of Frank. In the meantime, you can install a prerelease version with Mac by typing gem install frank-cucumber -v 1.2.0.pre1 on the command-line.

Every effort has been made to make writing Mac tests similar to writing iOS tests, so most of the existing Frank documentation applies to the Mac. However, just as there are important differences between Cocoa and CocoaTouch, there are important differences to keep in mind while writing Mac tests.

Frank is complete enough to write most test cases, and should cover all of your simple testing needs. However, as Mac apps are wonderfully diverse, your app may need additional features added to Frank. If so, please get in touch via the Frank discussion group or file a feature request.

One of the main goals of this release is to gather feedback from a larger group of users with more diverse use cases. My plan is to direct future development based on what people actually need, rather than what I imagine they will need.

I sincerely hope Frank helps you write integration tests for your Mac apps. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the discussion group. Happy testing!